About Us

Milenio Sports  Management is a Sports business specialised in the provision of specialised services to sports federations, sporting events and rights holders.

The company was formed by Philip Behan and Terry Behan who with 20 years of combined experience and excellent relationships in the Sports Business , branding and sponsorship worlds have created an exciting proposition for clients worldwide.

We work with Football Federations, Clubs, Sporting Organizations and Sporting Events on a project , campaign or ‘ game by game’ basis in Europe, Middle East, Africa and across the world.

With extensive experience of International Football Operations and in depth knowledge of  ‘A’ International Teams and National Associations, we are in a unique position to listen, recommend, organize and deliver top quality ‘A’ International friendly fixtures and Tournaments for your National  Association or club. Additionally, we provide support in the creation and management of sponsorship properties merchandising development and in general help our clients maximise their assets in local and global markets.

Since our foundation in January of 2012 we have organised over 175 matches including more than 35 Senior/full 'A' International matches, club pre season friendlies as well a number of Women's 'A' and Youth International Tournaments across Europe, USA and Middle East.

Our top level event list to date reads as follows:




1st -25th June 2012  UEFA Euro 2012. Project Manager,  Republic of Ireland 'A' Team (Gdansk, Poznan)

04.06.2012     'A ' International Hungary VS Republic of Ireland 0-0 (Budapest) 




06.02.2013      'A 'International Turkey VS Czech Republic 1-2 (Manisa)

2nd -5th April 2013   Football For All International Tournament

Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland & Scotland. Winners Scotland (Dublin)

3rd-12th May 2013   Paralympic International Tournament

Netherlands, USA, Scotland, Rep. of Ireland. Winners Rep. of Ireland (Dublin)

29.05.2013       'A'  International  USA VS Belgium 1-4 (Cleveland) 

14.08.2013       'A'  International Wales VS Republic of Ireland 0-0 (Cardiff) 

15.11.2013       'A' International Turkey VS Northern Ireland 1-0 (Adana)

19.11.2013       'A' International Turkey VS Belarus 2-1 (Mersin)

07.12.2013       Borussia Monchengladbach VS Canada  2-5 (Doha) 

09.12.2013       Aspire Academy VS Canada 5-2 (Doha) 




14.01.2014       Women's 'A' International Netherlands VS Rep of Ireland 4-0 (Murcia)

16.01.2014       Women's 'A' International Rep of Ireland VS England 0-1 (Murcia) 

01.03.2014      'A' International Gibraltar VS Faroe Islands 1-4 (Gibraltar)

05.03.2014      'A' International Turkey VS Sweden 2-1 (Ankara)

25.05.2014      'A' International Rep. of Ireland VS Turkey 1-2 (Dublin)

03.09.2014      'A' International Rep. of Ireland VS Oman 2-0 (Dublin with FIFA Match Agent Doris Keller) 

12.11.2014      'A' International Belgium VS Iceland  3-1 (Brussels) 

18.11.2014      'A' International Rep of Ireland VS USA 4-1(Dublin)




29.05.2015     La Manga Academy VS Republic of Ireland 1-1 (Murcia)

30.05.2015     La Manga Academy VS Republic of Ireland 1-2 (Murcia) 

02.07.2015     UCD AFC VS F91 Dudelange 1-0 (Dublin) UEFA Europa League Round 1 Qualification

09.07.2015     F91 Dudelange VS UCD AFC 2-1 (Luxembourg) UEFA Europa League Round 1 Qualification

16.07.2015     SK Slovan Bratislava VS UCD AFC 1-0 (Bratislava) UEFA Europa League Round 2 Qualification

23.07.2015     UCD AFC VS SK Slovan Bratislava 1-5 (Dublin) UEFA Europa League Round 2 Qualification

20th-28th July 2015  SL Benfica Pre Season Training Camp (The FA at St. Georges Park)

25.07.2015    AC Milan VS FC Internazionale 1-0 (Longgang Stadium, Shenzen , ICC China with Catalyst Media)

30.07.2015    Real Madrid CF VS AC Milan 0-0 (Shanghai Stadium, ICC China with Catalyst Media) 

13.11.2015    'A' International Northern Ireland VS Latvia (Belfast) 

21st to 30th March 2016 Latvia A National Team Training Camp (Marbella) 




25.03.2016    'A' International Republic of Ireland VS Switzerland 1-0 (Dublin) 

27.03.2016   'A ' Interntional Slovakia VS Latvia 0-0 (Trnava) 

28.03.2016    'A' International Northern Ireland VS Slovenia 1-0 (Belfast)

29.03.2016    'A' International' Gibraltar VS Latvia 0-5 (Gibraltar) 

29.03.2016    'A' International Republic of Ireland VS Slovakia 2-2 (Dublin)

29.03.2016    'A' International Montenegro VS Belarus 0-0 (Montenegro) 

2nd to 6th April 2016, Women' s A Training Camp Republic of Ireland (Vienna) 

27.05.2016   'A' International Northern Ireland VS Belarus 3-0 (Belfast) 

30th May to June 3rd 2016 Pre UEFA Euro 2016 Training Camp Northern Ireland (Austria) 

31.05.2016   'A' International Republic of Ireland VS Belarus 1-2 (Cork) 

04.06.2016    'A' International Slovakia VS Northern Ireland 0-0 (Trnava) 

22.07.2016    Manchester United FC VS Borussia Dortmund 1-4 (Shanghai, ICC China with Catalyst Media) 

28.07.2016    Borussia Dortmund VS Manchester City FC 1-1 (Shenzen, ICC China with Catalyst Media) 

12.08.2016    TSG 1899 Hoffenheim VS Athletic Club 1-1  (Wirsol Rhein Neckar Arena with Integer Sports) 

6th to 14th November 2016 Lativa A National Team Training Camp (Lagos/Quinta do Lago, Portugal) 

7th to 14th November 2016 Training Camp Slovakia U21 National Team (Murcia) 

7th to 14th November 2016 Training Camp Czech Rep U21 National Team (Murcia) 

7th to 14th November 2016 Training Camp Rep of Ireland U21 National Team (Murcia)

09.11.2016   'A' International Greece VS Belarus 0-1 (Pireas, Athens)

15.11.2016   'A' International Northern Ireland VS Croatia 0-3 (Belfast) 




09.01.2017   U17 Rep of Ireland VS U17 Hungary  2-0 (Valencia) 

11.01.2017   U17 Romania VS U17 Rep of Ireland 0-2 (Valencia) 

13.01 2017   U17 Hungary VS U17 Romania 1-0* DNF (Valencia) 

15.01.2017   WU17 Switzerland VS WU17 Rep of Ireland 2-2 (Castellon) 

17.01.2017   WU17 Rep of Ireland VS WU17 Switzerland  0-2(Castellon) 

01.03.2017   WU19 Rep of Ireland VS WU19 Czech Republic 3-0 (Barcelona) 

03.03.2017    WU19 Czech Republic VS WU19 Rep of Ireland 3-2 (Barcelona) 

20th to 26th March 2017 Latvia NT Training Camp (Geneva) 

28.03.2017  'A' International Macedonia VS Belarus 1-2 (Skopje) 

02.06.2017  'A International Northern Ireland VS New Zealand 1-0 (Belfast) 

06.06.2017  Cabinteely FC VS New Zealand 2-5 (Dublin)

3rd to 8th of June 2017 Northern Ireland National Team Training Camp (Antalya) 

3rd to 9th of June 2017 New Zealand National Team Training Camp (Dublin) 

12.06.2017  'A' International Belarus VS New Zealand 1-0 (Minsk)

6th to 26th of July 2017 AC Milan 2017 Tour of China (ICC China with Catalyst Media) 

18.07.2017  Borussia Dortmund VS AC Milan 3-1 (Guangzhou, ICC China with Catalyst Media) 

22.07.2017  FC Bayern VS AC Milan 0-4  (Shenzen, ICC China with Catalyst Media) 

24.07.2017  FC  Internazionale VS Olympique Lyonais 1-0  (Nanjing, ICC China with Catalyst Media) 

05.08.2017  RC Deportivo La Coruna VS West Bromwich Albion 2-0 (La Coruna) 

07.11.2017  Saudi Arabia VS Latvia 2-0 (Estadio Nacional, Lisbon) 

5th to 11th of November 2017 'A' National Team Latvia Training Camp (Lisbon)




10th to 14th of January 2018 FIFA Referees Seminar GFA (Murcia)

20th to 27th of January 2018 FC Rapperswill Jona Training Camp (Murcia with Travel Club AG) 

23.01.2018 FC Rapperswill VS FC Seoul (Pinatar Football Centre, Murcia)

9th to 16th of February 2018 Romania U19 Training Camp (Pinatar Football Centre, Murcia) 

11th to 16th of February 2018 Republic of Ireland U19 Training Camp (La Manga Club, Murcia) 

13.02.2018 U19 Republic of Ireland VS U19 Romania (La Manga Club) 1-0

15.02.2018 U19 Romania VS U19 Republic of Ireland (Pinatar Football Centre) 2-1

19th to 26th of March 2018 Latvia A National Team Training Camp (Marbella) 

17th to 25th of March 2018 Canada A National Team Training Camp (Murcia) 

17th to 25th March 2018 New Zealand A National Team Training Camp (Murcia) 

22.03.2018 A International Faroe Islands VS Latvia 1-1  (Marbella Football Centre) 

23.03.2018 A International Turkey VS Republic of Ireland 1-0  (Antalya) 

24.03.2018 A International Northern Ireland VS Korea Republic 2-1 (Belfast) 

24.03.2018 A International Canada VS New Zealand 1-0 (Murcia) 

25.03.2018 A International Gibraltar VS Latvia 1-0 (Gibraltar) 

27.03.2018 Slovenia VS Belarus 0-1  (Ljubljana)

29.05.2018 A International Panama VS Northern Ireland 0-0 (Panama City) 

03.06.2018 A International Costa Rica VS Northern Irelamd 0-0 (San Jose) 

25.07.2018 Bayern Munich VS Juventus FC, Philidelphia 2-0 (ICC USA with Relevent Sports) 

28.07.2018 Juventus FC VS SL Benfica, New Jersey 1-1  (ICC USA with Relevent Sports) 

04.08.2018 Real Madrid CF VS Juventus FC , Washington DC 3-1 ICC USA with Relevent Sports) 

16.10.2018 Switzlerand U20 VS France U20 1-1 (Murcia).




03.01.2019 to 16.01.2019 USA Women's A National Team Training Camp (Algarve, Portugal) 

09.01.2019 to 13.01.2019 FIFA Referees Seminar Gibraltar Football Association (Pinatar Football Centre, Murcia)

21.01.2019  A Women's International, Belgium VS Republic of Ireland 1-0 (Pinatar Football Centre, Murcia)

08.02.2019 U17 International Hungary VS Scotland 1-2  (Pinatar Football Centre, Murcia)

10.02.2019 U17 Internaitonal England VS Hungary 0-0 (Pinatar Football Centre, Murcia)

13.02.2019 U17 International Poland VS Republic of Ireland 0-1 (Marbella)

15.02.2019  U17 International Republic of reland VS Belgium 1-2 (Marbella)

28.02.2019  Women's A International Republic of Ireland VS Wales 0-0 (Marbella) 

05.03.2019 Women's A International Wales VS Republic of Ireland 0-1 (Marbella) 

22.03.2019 U21 Friendly International Northern Ireland VS Bulgaria (Marbella)

25.03.2019 U21 Friendly International Mexico U22 VS Northern Ireland U21 (Marbella) 

26.03.2019 A International Gibraltar VS Estonia (Victoria Stadium, Gibraltar) 

1st to 10th April 2019 Training Camp Norway Women's National Team (Marbella)

1st to 10th April 2019 Training Camp New Zealand Women's National Team (Estepona)

09.04.2019 Women'a A International Friendly Match Norway VS New Zealand 0-1 (Marbella)

6th to 20th of May 2019 New Zeland U20 National Team Training Camp (Gdansk)

4th to 19th of May 2019 Korea Republic U20 National Team Training Camp (Gdansk) 

11.05.2019 Korea Republic U20 VS New Zealand U20 1-1 (Gdansk)

17.05.2019 New Zealand U20 VS Mexico U20 3-1 (Gdansk)

2nd to 6th of June 2019 Northern Ireland A National Team Training Camp (Vienna)

23.07.2019 FC Bayern VS AC Milan, Kansas City (ICC USA with Relevent Sports) 

28.07.2019 AC Milan VS SL Benifca, Boston (ICC USA with Relevent Sports) 

03.08.2019 Manchester United FC VS AC Milan, 2-2 Cardiff (ICC Europe with Relevent Sports)

06.09.2019  Russia U17 VS Republic of Ireland U17 2-0  (Alicante) 

09.09.2019  Republic of Ireland U17 VS Russia U17 1- 2 (Alicante)

10.10.2019 A International Kosovo VS Gibraltar 1-0  (Kosovo) 

14.11.2019 A International Republic of Ireland VS New Zealand (Aviva Stadium, Dublin) 

17.11.2019 A International Lithuania VS New Zealand (Vlinius)

8th to 12th of January 2020 FIFA Referees Seminar Gibraltar Football Association (Murcia) 




05.02.2020 U17 Hungary VS U17 Czech Republic (Pinatar) 

07.02.2020 U17 Scotland VS U17 Hungary (Pinatar) 

11.02.2020 U17 Rep of Ireland VS U17 Switzerland 0-2 (Oliva Nova, Valencia)

14.02.2020 U17 Switzerland VS U17 VS U17 Rep of Ireland 1-1 (Oliva Nova, Valencia) 

1st to 12th of March 2020 New Zealand WNT Training Camp (Algarve, Portugal) 

04.03.2020 Northern Ireland  WNT VS Iceland WNT Women's A International (Pinatar) 

07.03.2020 WU19 Rep of Ireland VS WU19 Russia 2-0 (Marbella)

07.03.2020 Ukraine WNT  VS Northern Ireland WNT Women's A International (Pinatar) 

10.03.2020 Northern Ireland WNT VS Scotland WNT ) Women's A International (Pinatar)

10.03.2020 WU19 Russia VS WU19 Rep of Ireland 4-2 (Marbella) 

25.03.2020 A International Gibraltar VS Liechtenstein (Valletta) CANCELLED 

28.03.2020 A International Malta VS Gibraltar (Valletta) CANCELLED 

26.03.2020 U21 Hungary VS U21 Finland (Marbella ) CANCELLED

26.03.2020 U21 Russia VS U21 Northern Ireland (Marbella) CANCELLED

31.03.2020 U21 Russia VS U21 Hungary (Marbella)  CANCELLED

29.05.2020 A International Turkey VS AN OTHER (Antalya) CANCELLED 

02.06.2020 A International Ukraine VS Northern Ireland (Kiev)  CANCELLED 

04.06.2020 A International Turkey VS AN OTHER  (Antalya) CANCELLED 

09.06.2020 A International Rep of Ireland VS AN OTHER (Limerick) CANCELLED 

08.10.2020 A International Belgium VS New Zealand (Brussels) CANCELLED 

12.11.2020 A International England VS New Zealand (London) CANCELLED 



5th to 13th of January 2021 Estonia National Team Training Camp (Marbella) 

12.01.2021 Ferencvaros TC VS Estonia NT 1-0 (Marbella) 

29.05.2021 A International Turkey VS Northern Ireland (Antalya)

03.06.2021 A International Ukraine VS Northern Ireland (Kiev)


Philip Behan 

Director and founder of Milenio Sports Management, Philip Behan has a wealth of experience within the Football and Sports Industries from 6 years with the Football Association of Ireland as International Football Operations Manager delivering over 130 International matches per season involving 15 Republic of Ireland teams from ‘A’ to U21 to Youth level  for both Men’s and Women’s Football.

In this time Philip gained an excellent reputation within UEFA, FIFA, National Associations and Clubs in the project ,venue and commercial management of International Football events.

As Head of Commercial for Local Organisation Committee (LOC) for the highly successful 2011 UEFA Europa League Final in Dublin, Philip successfully planned and implemented all Commercial Partner requirements in Dublin for the primary sponsors SEAT, Adidas and Intersport.

In this time Philip was also National Co-ordinator for Football Association of Ireland’s largest Grassroots Participation programme FAI Summer Soccer Schools developing the programme quality hugely and driving participation numbers up by 75% to 23’000 children making the programme the leading grassroots participation programme in Irish Sport today. 

A licensed UEFA & FIFA Match Licenced Match Agent with fluent Italian and Spanish based in Malaga, Philip holds a B.A International from University College Dublin, a Higher Diploma in Sports Marketing from the Cyruff Institute in Barcelona and has been extensively trained by the Irish Management Institute in the last 10 years across a number of key business skills and areas.



Terry Behan

Based in South Africa, Terry Behan is marketing, branding and sponsorship specialist. He was the founder of brand agency, The Fearless Executive, and is the CEO EMEA for VWV a leading global brand experience agency who delivered the opening and closing ceremonies of the FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa, AFCON draw and Glo-Caf Awards. Terry is also a director of the Southern Guild Design Foundation.

He is a fellow of The Africa Leadership Initiative and sits on the advisory board of the World Brand Congress. He has developed communication, sponsorship and brand solutions for many corporations in many regions across the world.

Terry is a frequently published author on the topic of brand leadership, building brands in emerging markets and nation branding in various online and print media and is a regular speaker at local and international branding conferences.

With this vast wealth of experience Milenio Sports Management are uniquely placed to enhance your brand in Sport and develop your organisations commercial revenue streams.